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Save More with a South Metro CD!

South Metro’s Certificates of Deposit offer higher earning potential than a savings account. This low-risk investment option offers a range of features and terms. Use these accounts to get started or capitalize on saving, but remember, you may reduce your earnings and receive a penalty if you withdraw money early.

Unlike stocks and other investment options, a CD is guaranteed and insured. You can grow your funds without risk! Stop by any office or call Member Services at 952-445-0888 to to open a South Metro FCU CD account.

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CD Savings Rates (Including IRA and HSA Accounts)

Effective September 18, 2023

Minimum Balance

Dividend Rate

Annual Percentage Yield

6 Months, $1,000 Minimum


2.50% APY

7 Month Special, $1,000 Minimum


5.30% APY

12 Months, $1,000 Minimum


2.75% APY

13 Month Special, $1,000 Minimum


5.30% APY

24 Months, $1,000 Minimum


3.75% APY

36 Months, $1,000 Minimum


3.50% APY

48 Months, $1,000 Minimum


3.25% APY

60 Months, $1,000 Minimum


3.25% APY

Dividend rates are subject to change by the Board of Directors. APY is Annual Percentage Yield and assumes dividends remain in the account/certificate.

Deposits are insured up to $500,000. The first $250,000 is insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the United States Government. The remainder $250,000 of the coverage is provided by Excess Share Insurance.

Dividends begin to accrue on the business day your deposit is posted to your account. Dividends are compounded and credited quarterly. Dividends are computed by the daily balance method. Fees or other conditions may reduce earnings, refer to the Fee Schedule for current fee information.

* Early withdrawal penalty of 90 days’ dividends for terms of 12 months or less, 180 days’ dividends for terms of 13 to 24 months, and 360 days’ dividends for terms of 25 months or greater will be impose on amounts withdrawn before maturity. All certificates will automatically renew upon maturity for a like term. Grace period is 10 calendar days. Dividends will not be paid during the grace period if the certificate is not renewed. Money Market accounts will be subject to a below balance minimum fee.

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